svr3 maintenance

Svr6 is going down for planned hardware maintenance, we will  post here when it’s back up. UPDATE: svr6 is back online, all services have been restored.

svrcp3 database issues

We are aware of a database issues on svrcp3 and are working to resolve it asap.  We will post updates here. UPDATE: The issue has been found and resolved.  All database services have been restored.  The issue was corrupted InnoDB databases and tables that needed to be...

svr9 issues

We are experiencing issues with svr9.  We are working to resolve asap. UPDATE: All services have been restored on svr9.

svr13 issues

There appears to be an issues with svr13 as we are getting alerts for some services, but not all.  We are working to restore all services and determine the root cause. UPDATE: All services on svr13 have been restored.

svr9 down

svr9 is currently down, we are working to restore services as soon as possible. UPDATE:  svr9 is back online and all services restored.  The issue appears to be with memory, but we’re investigating to determine the root cause.

svr8 going down for maintenance

svr8 will be going down in a few minutes to replace a failing hard drive.  Expected downtime is 10-20 mins. UPDATE: The replacement of the bad drive was successful and svr8 is now back online.  All services have been restored.

svr7 going down for maintenance

svr7 is going down in about 10 mins for hardware maintenance, we’ll be replacing failing hard drives. UPDATE: svr7 is back online.  The bad disk was replaced and is rebuilding and all services are back online.

Network Event

We just experienced a network event that appeared to be a spam/ddos attack.  All services may have been slow or appeared down during the event.  We are currently investigating.

svr9 issues

svr9 is having issues, we are working to restore services asap. UPDATE:  All services on svr9 have been restored.  We are working to determine the cause of the issue.